Hello sunshine!

It’s been a while since my last blog and there’s been a lot going on at Amberley Farm, most of which I won’t bore you with.

Following my last post and the emotion that went with it,  I decided it best to get back to my area of expertise (OK, maybe not expertise, just the boring stuff that I can just about do).  So out came the records, VAT etc etc…. that was enough to bring me to tears all over again!!

We’ve had many visitors over the last few weeks, clients or rather “alpaca related friends” from the UK & Europe… we really are very lucky to have met so many lovely, friendly people through the alpacas and it makes the journey so much more enjoyable.  The sunshine has also been very welcome – is there such a thing as a “fair weather farmer’s wife”? If so, that is me!

A while ago we decided to move our chickens and ducks from our custom made fox proof enclosure into the paddock in front of the house so that they can roam free.   The alpacas do a great job of protecting them, in fact we haven’t seen a fox around the farm for a very long time.  It has been lovely to see them wandering around;  on our newly laid patio (thankfully the wild birds christened it before the ducks, hence they’ve not been turned into crispy duck!), in the paddocks, in the children’s old paddling pool and even in the house when the doors were opened back.


We’ve also welcomed some lovely cria over the last few weeks- there are currently 20 cria pronking around the maternity paddock, 9 boys and 11 girls so far.  I  love keeping an eye on the paddock and witnessing the births however on odd occasions when an unexpected colour cria arrives I make sure I have some very important housework to do and it HAS to be done at the very moment Tim sets foot in the paddock!

This year we are on “I” names so my creative skills are being well and truly tested.


Inca In the Limelight

This little fella weighed in around the 5kg mark at birth, he may be small but he is a feisty little guy and a bit of a troublemaker too!  In a bid to make bloodlines easier to remember as the years go by, we also, where possible, try to follow a theme – I am rapidly beginning to regret this idea!  The dam, Inca Twilight, has so far had cria such as Inca Daylight, Inca Firelight, Inca Guiding Light and now she also has produced the lovely…..drum roll please………….Inca In the Limelight!


Inca Into the Groove

This is one of our first Inca Flagship cria, out of an older female, Madonna, we have decided to name him “Inca Into the Groove”.  (I fear I may start to feel old as any younger readers probably won’t even remember that Madonna song!)

Inca Euphoria & Inca Invincible

This gorgeous young man, from Inca Euphoria, shows promise (well as much as they can at such an early stage) so after much deliberation we decided in this instance to abandon the “theme” ( “I” + “theme” = too difficult!) in favour of giving him a suitably macho name…so we are pleased to introduce Inca Invincible.