Busy “Criating”

I’m starting to think that blog posts are an annual event in my world!   Time for an update methinks!

We briefly saw the sunshine this last weekend, however every time I think it’s time to get the flip flops out, the weather soon reverts to what is fast becoming “normal” spring weather!  Given this weather, I am extremely glad that we decided not to start our matings until mid June last year as we are expecting birthing to start round about now… of course, what all of us alpaca peeps expect and what we actually get is often a little different!  Almost two weeks ago, Chris, who is over from Australia for some work experience, spotted a little “extra” in one of our paddocks.  It seems Inca Grey Evening Light didn’t want to be moved into the “maternity group” to birth and she would rather pop her baby out a month early where she was!

Although he weighed in at 5.84kg, a relatively decent weight for such an early cria, he wasn’t able to stand to begin with as his legs resembled bendy twigs!  Thankfully Tim was able to milk all the feed he needed from his mum and he was keen to suck from a bottle. Our vets also gave him IV plasma, just to be on the safe side.  We have had mixed results from premmy crias before as there is always some uncertainty about why they birthed early, but, this little guy went from strength to strength and made massive progress in a relatively short time.

I have never been so happy about an alpaca spitting on me until this little guy tried to when I put his coat on!

I am now very pleased to say that he is outside racing round the paddock, causing havoc and even trying to mate some of the girls that are about to birth – brave, very brave!

So let me introduce you all to Inca Grey Kryptonite, our very first Surtierra Shadow cria, and what a cria he is!….

Mum gives a little encouraging nudge after her baby has had his plasma transfusion.

Kryptonite photo 5

Tim teaching baby how to relieve himself… (and it worked!!)

Kryptonite photo 11

Each year, when the first cria is born, I am amazed at how little and fragile they look compared to the previous years bouncing fur balls & it seems I’m not the only one.  Almost the entire herd (well all the ones in the vicinity) gathered to check out the new arrival as he bumbled his way down the laneway to the paddock.

Kryptonite photo 8

TLC “Oliver & Georgia style”!!…

Kryptonite photo 4Kryptonite photo 9

Tim applying sun cream.. not sure that will be needed very often…

Kryptonite photo 10

Gaining strength and personality by the day; little monkey!

Kryptonite photo 7 Kryptonite photo 2

Now all Kryptonite needs is a play mate.

Kryptonite photo 6

If you’d like to know more about the alpacas, check out the website www.incaalpaca.co.uk

Whilst on the subject of “criating”, I have been busy putting together some examples of how the “All Things Alpaca” stamps can be used and am thrilled at how versatile they are. I will be putting some blog posts together to give some inspiration on how to use the stamps, so keep checking the Alpaca Pals blog, website and Facebook page.