Broken hearted

When I wrote my last blog entry we were hopeful that Immy had turned a corner.  We enjoyed that morning with her, she was doing so well, but sadly it wasn’t to be.   Later that day Immy seemed to lose her energy again, only managing to lift her head for relatively short periods of time.  We all hoped that it was because she had used up her energy in the morning and that she just needed to re-charge.  Sadly Immy passed away this morning.  She was a brave little fighter and if her survival was based on the love and well wishes from all around then she would still be here now – thank you all.

Immy obviously wasn’t the first alpaca of ours to die and she won’t be the last but she will always have a special place in our hearts.

There are so many positives about breeding alpacas and the lifestyle we lead, I promise the next blog entry I share will be a happy one.