Best job in the world!

Over the past week or two my role as the Hey children’s social secretary has come to the fore front.

We’ve had the usual end of school year activities such as Sports day to enjoy and providing my diary skills are up to scratch we still have the achievers assembly and picnic to enjoy next week.

I, along with a few other mums, also had the pleasure of accompanying Oliver’s class to their last Forest School session of the year this week.  There are some woods a stone’s throw from the school and  they’ve all been enjoying weekly visits there to learn about different aspects of outdoor / forest life.  (I’d like to elaborate but I simply can’t get any more than “can’t remember” out of Oliver when I ask him about his day!)  He certainly seems to enjoy Forest School and having tagged along with them I can see why…. The children had great fun paddling through the stream (most paddled, some laid down) and exploring the woods and this week they were tasked with finishing their dens ready for the “water test”.  The teacher had clearly already explained to the children that if they were stuck in the woods and needed to build a den that it would need to be waterproof in case of rain.  This was evident as one little boy put his hand up and said “it needs to be waterproof because otherwise you’ll get a bad cold and die!”… I suspect most of the children were not as concerned about said cold and death as they knew exactly how to walk the 5 minute walk back to school where there is a roof and heating but it raised a smile none the less.  So Oli was in a team with two of his friends and they had already started to build their den at the bottom of a tree.  I suspect that they would rather have had Tim (experienced den builder) helping them, but to my surprise they seemed to like having me there, either that or they were very good at pretending!  The boys decided they should use their coats and mine in addition to the gathered sticks, branches etc, a great idea I thought, until the rain came hammering down!  The “water test” went fairly well for the boys in their den although I can’t say it worked for me as I stood “coat-less” in the pouring rain as I watched the teacher pour water over their den!  Anyway, despite the rain, we all had great fun and I think the children are very lucky to be able to enjoy these kind of experiences as they learn at school.

Georgia has also had a busy schedule as she prepares for school and finishes her time at nursery.  She has had a number of sessions at school and has enjoyed every moment – no tears from her (and surprisingly not from me either – yet!!).  She is so excited about starting school properly in September – I think mainly because she likes the idea of being a big school girl but she has also mentioned that when she starts school her teeth will start to fall out and the tooth fairy will come!  It always amazes me how a child’s mind works!  Georgia is going to miss nursery, the staff and the friends that she has made there very much, in fact I will shortly be going to collect her from her “leavers party” – another challenge to see whether we parents can remain dry eyed as they do the presentations!

As many of you are no doubt aware, running your own business brings about it’s own challenges, but I feel very privileged that I am able to fit my “jobs” and “responsibilities” around all of these important little milestones.  Being a Mummy is the best job in the world… whether you’re a human or an alpaca!…

Your children may look at you strangely sometimes…

embarrassing mum

…but Mummy snuggles are the best!…

291 & cria